What is Podcasting?
Podcasts are audio or video files that are saved on a computer or website server and can be downloaded and viewed. Usually they can be linked to RSS feeds so that users will keep up to date with podcasts from the same site. Podcasting refers to audio and Vodcasting refers to video. However, many times videos (vodcasts) are also called podcasts. For a thorough description of podcasts, see the Learning in Hand site. It gives details on how to create your own podcasts. This site has many links—sample podcasts, online software you can use to record and edit files, how to subscribe to podcasts, and more.

Will Richardson's Podcast, Vodcast, and Screencast Wiki Will Richardson is a leading Educational Technology expert. This wiki has numerous resources for Podcasts, Vodcasts, and Screencasts. It also has links to many of the other Web 2.0 technologies we have been discussing.

Podcasting has become commonplace with the creation of such sites as You Tube and Teacher Tube. Audacity is a free, county approved tool to edit audio (you just have to get your tech to install it on your computer). Use the link to find the site--it is not audacity.com or audacity.org, but http://audacity.sourceforge.net/. Another popular tool that is being used is Blabberize. You can upload a picture or object, create a mouth, and have the object or picture speak to listeners--a clever attention getter and motivator for students.