What is blogging?

A blog is an electronic journal on the web that is based on a certain subject or theme. Readers can follow blogs that appeal to their interests. Blogs can usually be commented on by followers. Blogs present an effective means of communication. The difference between blogs and wikis is that while many users can edit wikis, blogs are usually edited by one administrator with users restricted to commenting, but not editing anyone else's writing. Blogs in education can be used for teacher to teachder communication, or communication between teachers, students, and parents. Blogging is another constructivist web tool, where students are active participants. This provides motivation to participate because students have a voice and an audience to listen to them. Teachers can use student responses on blogs to assess learning.

Blog Resources:
Edublog is the only blog that is allowed to be used in Anne Arundel County at this time. See 10 Ways to Use Your Edublog for ideas.
There is a wiki called Blogs on Educational Blogging that has information about blogging, resources, and many links to education blog examples.