Tuesday, July 13, 2010


With my last post, I did learn quite a bit. First, my embedded slideshow was too wide and overlapped the sidebar. I needed to go back and re-enter the embedding information and change the width and height. Also, my entry did not have the breaks I wanted, and the slideshow was not printing completely below the written part of the post. Now I truly understand why David said that knowing html is so important. I had to go in to edit the html because it was not possible using the regular posting box. If I didn't know the html, I would have been stuck with an awkward looking post. I'm glad I am learning by these mistakes now, rather when I am trying to use blogging with staff or students.


  1. Patty,

    I had a similar issue with a screen cast I created in Jing. I think the file was too large; therefore I was not able to post it to the blog. I also tried to use my html skills to shrink the screen of the video. Without knowing html I would have struggled until my hair fell out or simply given up without even trying! You mentioned using a blog with the staff at your school. How do you plan on doing this? Do you think they will participate? I know my staff already thinks that they have too many things on their plate with the numerous amount of meetings that we have.

  2. Good question! I am really going to have to focus on my internship after these projects are done.