Thursday, July 22, 2010


Diigo allows teachers to have an educator’s account. This allows you to set up private class accounts that include settings to protect student’s privacy. As with other Social Bookmarking sites, your information is available from anywhere because everything is stored on Diigo’s web server. Tools on their browser help you to collect and access information easily. The diigo server provides a “library” for users to store information they collect. Features include interactive highlights and sticky notes that are saved and appear when you choose a previously saved link. It’s necessary to install an add-on to get the browser tools, but it makes using Diigo very easy. Highlighting and sticky notes are great tools for students to use when reading online—just like writing notes directly onto your textbook or class worksheets. With Diigo, you can use tools similar to Smart Notebook software in order to take screenshots capturing highlighting and notes you’ve made on the page. This is an exciting and fascinating new technology, and I’m looking forward to see how it catches on and is used in education.

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